Paige Pierson is an artist, writer and photographer who borrows her imagery from landscape, manmade structures, and scenes from everyday life. Her objective is to capture true emotion through nature and decay as it's in flux. 


Paige attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas where she focused on drawing and painting. After graduation, Paige started her art studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico at The College of Santa Fe. She also attended the art program at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Paige finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas in 2008 and has a Master of Science from Texas Woman's University. The body of her work is created from images she's captured in the American Southwest. 


"The majority of my imagery comes from rural America. Having lived in a large city for the greater part of my life, I feel drawn to open spaces as they relate to the painter and photographer's palette. The suffocation from urban life has brought me closer to nature, and where humankind originated from. I'm also attracted to structures, specifically from antiquity. The viewer will see examples of churches, movie theaters in ruin, and monuments. For example; Quanah Parker's Star House, Pecos National Monument, and Spanish mission churches from South Texas and New Mexico. These human-made structures are examples of our collective origin and, in some cases, our collective demise."


Paige currently lives in New Mexico with her husband and two Old English Sheepdogs. She is also a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and splits her time between her two career passions. 

Read Paige's new book "The Agostina Diaries" on your Kindle or Amazon device. 




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